Marriage / Stay Sane In Your Relationships Class

The “Stay Sane in Your Relationships” Free Class starts Jan 6 on Instagram

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I used to teach healthy relationship classes through my local university extension office. One of my former students suggested that I name the class The “Stay Sane in Your Relationships” Class. I like that name because it encapsulates all the material that I teach in that class. With COVID regulations and the inability to have in-person gatherings, I’ve decided to start teaching the class on instagram in bite size pieces each week!

It will start Jan 6, 2021. I will post the content on this instagram handle @sage_relationship_advice every Wednesday at 11am. I will try to post the content on this blog as well, but follow the instagram @sage_relationship_advice to get all the content on your instagram feed! Or go to the facebook group “Sage Relationship Advice” to get it there.

So let’s start off the new year learning how to be sane in our relationships!

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